La Gare (animated video)

The meaning of the animated video La Gare is that by doing a good deed, you can find a new life, and even on the other side, good deeds are honored.

Directed by Ayan Marokkansky
Producer Ekaterina Yudaeva
Created as part of the `STYQ festival

Where The Wind Starts OST

Documentary film by Dzhanibek Murtazin about the tree "Torangy". Jeltorangy, summoning the wind. Even in calm weather, the tree shakes its branches from side to side, as if calling on the wind. As a rare tree, Turanga is included in the Red Book of Nature of Kazakhstan.

String quintet Qantar

This music is about the January commotions in Kazakhstan (2022).

Layla-Qobyz - qyl qobyz
Evgeniya Issagulova - 1 violin
Zhibek Saqtan - 2 violin
Dinasyl Nurbolat - cello
Blake Inmortales - contrabass

Recorded by Konstantin Kohan at the Check studio.
Performance filmed by Roman Kondratyev.


Musician and composer Altynbek Murzabekov shows that music is endless and creates a track before our eyes. He will need: fantasy, ear for music, a walk around the city and a voice recorder.

Ready? Watch, listen, get inspired.

                                                                                                                                                                                  - The Village Kazakhstan

Lyra LP

The first solo album by Blake Inmortales. Most of the compositions were recorded during the 2020 pandemic.

Animal Song

The performance is dedicated to the question of how quickly we are losing biological diversity and to what extent we are able to preserve it in the future. Special for Òzgeris Ustasy Awards 2021.

Circulo Project

A multimedia project dedicated to the release of the Lyra album. Music, choreography, video art are combined in a gamified web module. Developed by LIVENT Agency, supported by British Council.


Music for a short film by Azamat Bukeshov.


TEDx 10/10/20 talk. Compositions were played Śūnya and Baqsy.


Improvisational plastic performance with choreographer Kate Dzvonik.


Composed the music for the album sobakasoma - хэмингуэй в штанах (hemingway in pants). Released on April 1, 2020.


Resident of the experimental site with the support of the British Council Kazakhstan. In 2020, he participated in the three-day festival `STYQ in three different projects. In 2021, he presented his debut solo album with creative producer Ekaterina Yudaeva.

Poetry SLOG

Music for poetry performances. Since 2018.

Remedios Inmortales

Alternative rock, art-rock guitar and drums duo with instrumental and song compositions. Since 2013.